2021 TOP TEN

Bonham/BEDCo 2021 ‘Top Ten’ Development Accomplishments

With the sunset of 2021, we can pause to briefly reflect on BEDCo’s ‘Top Ten’ accomplishments amid this second full year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fannin County’s unemployment rate has rebounded after the initial pandemic-induced shock of 2020. It again hovers at or near historic lows (3.5%). It remains a very tight market for Bonham-based employers across all sectors. The story is the same in neighboring Denison and Sherman where HR manager and operations staff struggle to fill current openings while also ramping-up for the impending growth destined for ‘Texoma’s inviting shores.’

#10 Joint City-Tourism – BEDCo Task force hard at work to select a webpage (re-)designer to provide Bonham a more visually impactful web presence and commonality of look, feel and lay-out across ‘our’ three critical components that constitute Bonham’s cyber ‘front door’ 24/7/365!

#9 BEDCo’s Board’s continued continuity resulting from our City Council’s board appointments & reappointments has fostered a sense of stability and continuity~ important characteristics as staff responds to record levels of interest and inquiries. Developers of all sorts want to see stability, predictability in processes, boards, and outcomes!

#8 Public recognition, appreciation and praise honoring the civic mindedness and decades-long community service from past volunteers and former elected officials like Roy (& Linda) Floyd & the Floyd Family, and Emily (& Pat) Porter along with the Porter Family.

#7 BEDCo recently hosted several of our TEXOMA economic development neighbors to review some of our common challenges, share local solutions, and discuss opportunities for expanded intra-community cooperation

#6 + #5 Bonham’s Jones Field Airport! A. There is a collective resolve between the City+ BEDCo + Whitlock Aviation to bring the commercial sale of ‘Jet A’ fuel to Jones Field Airport in the coming months! Availability of ‘Jet A’ is a huge pre-requisites to more fully capitalize on this municipal asset!. B. In BEDCo’s FY ’22 budget $395,000 has been allocated for construction of a ‘North Taxilane’ and associated infrastructure (primarily drainage). By funding this project a dozen or more acres of prime Jones Field real estate become income generating sites for Jones Field through ground leasing with strong potential for private-sector investment to build a half-dozen or more larger hangars. By ‘priming the pump’, we can expect several million dollars of new (taxable) construction to be added to the municipal rolls. C. These will further increase the level of aviation-related activities and flight operations originating from Jones Field. D. And let’s not forget how quickly and successfully our Bonham Marketing & Tourism Director’s spectacular initiative working with a few general aviation enthusiasts across our entire region to revive Bonham’s 2021 Festival of Flight! BEDCo proudly underwrote much of the fuel costs for the Air Show participants so they could practice and put on their amazing performances that beautiful October day. E. Earlier in the year BEDCo sponsored the TX Hwy 78 signage and funded what is certainly the first in recent memory (F) Jones Field Airport marketing flyer

#4 Trans Cable – Internal expansion starting now and extending over the next three (3) years in two (2) phases. Viewed together phases 1 & 2 represent another multi-million dollar capital investment by Bonham-based manufacturers in our community. Trans Cable continues to modernize production equipment, occupy additional floor space (in the former General Cable facility), will install and operate an additional product line (Phase-2). They will create 14 FIT jobs paying about $60k.

#3 BEDCo Lot #1 (adjacent to Bonham Holiday Inn Express & Suites) – under contract and likely to close before 12/31 /21 ‘Future Home of Reddy Event Center’ 10,000 SF (indoor + 2,000 SF (+/-) outdoor facility for lease special event. Construction likely CY2024.

#2 BEDCo Lot #2 (between Aaron’s & Braum’s) – under contract and likely to close April 2022, mixed-use commercial/retail use western portion of parcel fronting TX Hwy 121, Multi-family 17-units or less, ‘Town homes 4 Teacher’ (1st & 2nd year BISD teachers and coaches leasing priority and/or 1 s1 Responders if units available), eastern portion of parcel.

#1 Tongrun lnternational’s decision to remain & expand in Bonham announcement! They seek to hiring 175 new production associates, professionals, and support staff. Truly a community-wide coordinated effort to achieve this!

Note the inter-connected & complimentary nature of many of these items. They are foundational for BEDCo’s continued success in 2022!