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Restoration ongoing.

The City of Bonham is in the midst of an exciting time of growth and of reclaiming our history. We were designated a Main Street community in 1995 by the State of Texas. The results can be seen in the numerous restored buildings downtown.

Over the next few years we will be working to recover the original uniqueness and beauty of our downtown area. Heritage District improvements have already completed eight major phases. In the heart of our downtown community, the Fannin County Courthouse has added parking spaces, landscaping, trees and antique streetlights. Also completed is the three and half block stretch of Main Street, including a new seventy-five car off street parking lot that is only a short stroll from downtown shopping.

Downtown Bonham Save Our Structures

Revitalizing a century-old downtown is certainly a challenge for any community and Bonham is no exception. The Downtown Bonham Save Our Structures expanded program is attempting to make the process more friendly by including a matching grant for repairs, signage and facade improvements while funding lasts! Revised guidelines, boundaries and program application are available below.

Power Creek Park

Powder Creek is a lovely 35-acre community park. Park amenities include plenty of parking, restrooms, picnic tables, benches, a wonderful walking trail, and the remnants of a historic cotton gin dam. It was created as a joint project of BEDCO and the City of Bonham. A two-part grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments funded the purchase and initial development of the park. During construction special care was taken to preserve large trees, which gives the park a natural, always been there, look and feel. Open since the mid-2000s the park is popular with joggers, bicyclists, kids, and nature lovers.

The next phase of the park – a much anticipated children’s playground by Leathers – was completed during Spring Break 2014 and featured several dozen community volunteers working shifts each day through some very bracing Spring weather!

Powder Creek Park’s wonderful playground, built by a large quantity of community support and sweat equity, is a welcome addition that enhances the quality of life for Bonham area residents. A disk golf course is also being actively discussed as a possible addition to Powder Creek.

Powder Creek Park Community Playground is located adjacent to the paved parking lot at 400 South 5th Street.

The Bonham Economic Development Corporation is a Type B corporation that works to foster the creation of a favorable climate for new and improved job opportunities by encouraging the development of business, industry, retail and tourism.


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